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April 2024



The following is my attempt at a narrative of the events that will lead to the coming Biblical Tribulation and the events that will result during the Tribulation. It is totally my view. It reflects my understanding of how these future events will play out according to my understanding of a multitude of Bible passages. I have included my personal logic and a few of my educated guesses involving these events. Much of what is found here is documented extensively elsewhere on this website.


Please understand that I am personally convinced that Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 are a description of the Biblical Tribulation with Ezekiel 38:7-16 speaking of the invasion that results in the ‘abomination that causes desolation’ and Ezekiel 38:17-23 speaking of the invasion that results in the battle of Armageddon. To this end, I will use the name ‘Magog’ to speak of the home nation of Antichrist.


Characters of note:

  • Jesus – Son of God – Jewish Messiah - Savior

  • Satan – Needs no Introduction

  • Antichrist – Also known as the ‘Beast out of the sea’

  • Levi the Israeli Official – Also known as the ‘Beast out of the earth’ and as the ‘False Prophet.’ He is a prophet on behalf of Antichrist as Aaron was a prophet on behalf of Moses.

  • Michael – the archangel protector of Israel

  • Two witnesses – two prophets who witness in Israel to the Messiahship of Jesus

  • Elijah – Old Testament prophet who was taken alive into Heaven – might be one of the two witnesses. Malachi says that he is in Israel to prepare the way for the Appearance of Jesus.

  • Two indwelling demons, one for Antichrist, one for Levi the Israeli Official – probably have indwelt villainous leaders in the past



  • Magog – Home nation of Antichrist

  • Israel – Home nation of Levi the Israeli Official and of the two witnesses

  • The Heavens – realm of Satan and Michael




On May 14, 1948, the modern nation of Israel came into being. There was great opposition to this new nation from the beginning by some of the surrounding nations. The land itself was claimed by both the Jews and the Palestinians. Skirmishes broke out often and even wars were fought over portions of the land. The part of the city of Jerusalem known by the Jews as Temple Mount was left under the control of the nation of Jordan in 1948. Temple Mount was captured by the Israelis in the 1967 War. Although this area was conquered by Israel in 1967, Israel has allowed the Muslim control of the Mount to continue. Jewish and Christians are allowed to worship only at the Western Wall of the old Temple site. Temple Mount is the current home of the Al-Aqsa mosque that is considered as a very sacred holy site to Muslims. This site also includes the Western Wall that is the last remaining structure of the ancient Jewish Temple compound.



I have attempted to write the following narrative in present tense. Please excuse any lapses into future tense that are not required by context.


Many of the Jews in Israel today are more concerned with safety from terrorism than they are the Jewish religion. Even some of the Jews who practice ancient Jewish traditions do not necessarily believe in their God. There are, however, some religious Jews who continue to believe their Holy Scriptures and continue to look for the appearance of their long promised Messiah. These Jews have rejected the possibility that Jesus is the Messiah because he did not deliver an independent and righteous nation of Israel as promised throughout the Holy Scriptures. These Jews read the Book of Daniel and are aware that a righteous nation of Israel is promised and also that an ‘abomination that causes desolation’ will be erected at the Temple site. They also see in the book of Daniel that Israel will be drawn into signing a seven-year treaty at some point; and then will be attacked at the middle of the seven years. They also know from the book of Ezekiel that they will be attacked by Antichrist; but that Israel will eventually prevail through the power of God and the leadership of the Messiah. They continue to look for these prophesied events and for the appearance of the Messiah to deliver them as they have been promised.


Meanwhile, Levi the Israeli Official preaches a military solution to the violence in Israel. He would take the military power and drive the non-Jews from within what he considers the rightful borders of Israel. He has no patience to wait for God to handle anything. Levi’s desire is to drive the enemy out and set up military outposts to keep them out.


As this is happening in Israel, Antichrist is growing in power in Magog. Antichrist is a fighter, willing to take on his enemies and to persevere until he is victorious. He has received a terrific wound from his enemies that would seem to prevent his ever being able to rise to power. His perseverance is being underestimated by his enemies and he claws his way to the top. Magog is a military power able to compete with any in the world. Because Antichrist regards military power as his great strength, he finds that he can bully other countries with threats of military intervention.


The single most unsolvable military problem in the world appears to be that between Israel and its enemies. Antichrist, in order to present his power to the world, sets out to solve the Israeli problem and is backed by his own military. Because Antichrist has a greater military establishment than either Israel or any of Israel’s enemies, Antichrist determines to bully Israel and its enemies into a peace treaty. He is successful in getting the opposing factions to the peace table. A peace treaty results. This gives Antichrist the worldwide praise that he seeks and his success proves to himself that he is at least the equal of any leader on the planet. He especially is determined that Levi the Israeli Official must understand that he, Levi, must submit to Antichrist.


Meanwhile in the supernatural heavens, Satan and the demons that follow him are at work disrupting all that God values in the heavens and on earth. Two of Satan’s most valuable assets in his work are the two demons who are allowed to indwell Levi the Israeli Official and to indwell Antichrist. Satan is proud of his title of ‘prince of the world’ and is planning to prove that he can out preform God by creating havoc on earth and especially by attacking Israel, home of God’s Chosen People and home of the Temple Mount.


The religious Jews who are looking for Messiah are starting to realize from watching world events unfold that the establishment of the ‘abomination that causes desolation’ and that the war on Israel as presented in Ezekiel may be at hand, and they start to make plans to escape Israel if it appears that Israel will be attacked.


The archangel Michael, as Israel’s protecting angle, has been protecting Israel and its population through both war and peace and has seen that no great catastrophe has devastated the nation of Israel since its establishment.


God now has a new assignment for Michael. God sends Michael and his angels to throw Satan to earth so that he is confined and cannot direct his operations from afar. Satan is neither omnipresent nor all-knowing. He can only be in one place at a time. Confining Satan to the earth will slow his efforts of disruption.


Michael, as with Satan, can only be one place at a time. Although Antichrist has no way of knowing what is happening in the heavens, the demon indwelling him is aware as soon as Michael leaves Israel. Antichrist is being directed by his demon to attack Israel while Michael is in the heavens fighting Satan.


At the same time that Antichrist is preparing his attack on Israel, about half the population of Jerusalem see what is happening and escape from Israel as Antichrist invades.


As Satan is defeated in the heavens and thrown to earth, he is seething with anger and is also humiliated. He had believed that he was stronger than Michael. In his anger, Satan and the demons he controls realize that God’s precious religious Jews are escaping. Satan chases after the escaping Jews to do them great harm, but Michael is now being directed to accompany the escaping Jews and protect them from Satan and his forces.


Michael is now in the wilderness with half the population of Jerusalem. With Michael in the wilderness, Jerusalem is now unprotected. The demon in Antichrist and the demon in Levi the Israeli Official plan together to desecrate the Temple area as a means to dishonor God. Levi erects an animated Idol at the Western Wall of the Temple to honor Antichrist and his military power. This is the ‘abomination that causes desolation.’ Antichrist sees the opportunity to appear at the Western Wall of the Temple and proclaim that he is actually God. Many of the Jews left in Israel are convinced by Levi to accept Antichrist and his Gentile occupying force. There are still many Jews in Israel who regard Antichrist and his forces as extremely unwelcome and determine to do all that they can to fight against the occupying force. Leaving the occupying force behind, Antichrist takes his army and continues his conquest of surrounding nations. He is opposed by many, but he has an overwhelming military force with him and he prevails in his conquests. Other major world powers are very concerned about Antichrist, but do not want to get embroiled in a large scale war if they can help it.


Many knowledgeable Christians throughout the world have been studying their Bibles and keeping track of world events. From the signs these Christians were actually expecting the invasion of Israel.  These Christians are now preparing to be persecuted by Antichrist and are working together to do what they can to avoid the worst of Antichrist’s persecution. They are spending much time together and are praying constantly for wisdom. They are convinced that God will grant them the wisdom and arrange for them to find shelter from Antichrist.


Satan realizes that he has no hope of reaching the Jews that escaped into the wilderness. Since he cannot reach the Jews that are most important to God, he determines to attack another group that he knows is near and dear to God—the true Christians who have been saved through faith in Jesus.


In Israel, Levi the Israeli Official determines to separate those who follow Antichrist from those who do not. He requires that a mark of allegiance to Antichrist be placed on a person’s hand or forehead in order to buy or sell.


As Antichrist expands his empire, the use of the mark that Levi instigated is expanded.


The mark of allegiance to Antichrist cannot be accidently acquired. The mark must be willfully accepted by the individual as a promise that the person is loyal to Antichrist and will not recognize any other leader, political or spiritual. Within Antichrist’s empire, anyone who refuses the mark is considered a criminal to be arrested and/or executed. To accept the mark is to be forever damned. A person with the mark is not subject to the mercy of God. For a true Christian, death is preferable to taking the mark.


The Christians who were expecting Israel to be invaded and who now expect to be persecuted are finding that they are correct.  Satan desires to harm Christians because they belong to God, and Antichrist desires to persecute Christians because they fail to support him and are standing in the way of his achieving the world dominance that he desires.


Even in Magog, Antichrist is finding it necessary to institute the requirement of the mark of allegiance for buying and selling. Many in Magog revolt openly at the requirement of the mark, but Antichrist is prevailing and begins a campaign in his own country to convince his followers to enforce this requirement on the population. This ‘convincing’ is being accomplished by violence when necessary.


This time of Tribulation is difficult even for those Christians who were as prepared as they could be. None of these Christians are promised survival until Jesus comes to rescue them. Many of the devout Christians are putting themselves in the path of danger by actually seeking to lead non-Christians to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. These missionary Christians convince many to turn to faith in Jesus, but they cannot guarantee that the newborn Christians will escape death. They can, however, guarantee that whether through death or through eventual Rapture, all persons with true faith in Jesus will end up with God in Heaven.


Satan, with the help of Antichrist and Levi and their resources, attacks those Christians in the empire who were asleep to their faith and not paying attention to the signs of the impending Tribulation. These Christians have been caught off guard and are now unaware of what they are to do.  These Christians are taking their dusty Bibles off the shelf and rapidly seeking knowledge and wisdom. These Christians are also praying fervently. Their destination is Heaven and God is now helping them make the best of their current situation on earth. God has not deserted them, but He allows them to suffer some of the consequences of their lack of communion with Him in the past. Some of these are being killed and some are momentarily safe.


Many individuals who have claimed to be Christians are now finding out that they are not sure of their salvation. Many of these do not even realize what has happened and that the Biblical period of Tribulation is upon them. These people belatedly must decide to seek assurance from the Holy Spirit concerning their salvation. If they cannot determine that they are saved, they must now decide to put their faith in Jesus or to accept the consequences.


Satan, the demon indwelling Antichrist, and the demon indwelling Levi the Israeli Official are able to discern true Christians from the pretenders, but it really does not matter to Satan’s forces whether these people were saved or not. If an individual does not accept the mark of Antichrist, he will be targeted for death. The intent of Satan and Antichrist is to kill every last Christian on earth.


Even as Antichrist is persecuting Christians, many on earth do not realize that Satan is the guiding force behind Antichrist. They see the persecution and death of Christians in terms of Antichrist eliminating his enemies rather than as a religious persecution and a satanic war against God. A large number of the residents of Magog and many others throughout the world are enthusiastically following Antichrist and do not realize that true Christians are the primary target of Antichrist. Those who are accepting of Antichrist’s mark see those who refuse the mark as stubborn and as impeding the popular programs that Antichrist is trying to implement. False Christians, even those believed to be Christian leaders are falling in line and accepting the mark.


As the war against God is unfolding in Magog, in Israel, and in other Middle East nations, much of the world has not yet been touched by this Tribulation. Many in seemingly unaffected nations are not concerned about this Tribulation, about Jews, or about Christians. They do not foresee that this Tribulation or its aftermath will eventually spread to the entire world. These people are happily ignorant.


As soon as Israel falls into the hands of Antichrist, two witnesses begin witnessing to the Israeli people. They preach the truth that Jesus is the true Messiah and will ultimately become King in Israel. The witnesses have power to keep rain from falling and to cause great difficulties for Levi the Israeli Official and for the occupying Gentile forces of Antichrist. They have powers that allow them to protect themselves so that they cannot be stopped by Satan’s forces.


The war against Christians in Magog and elsewhere continues for several years. Life is difficult for Christians in the time of Antichrist as it was difficult for Christians in the time of ancient Rome. Armed militia members roam the streets in Magog looking for those who do not exhibit the mark required by Antichrist. Anyone who sells to them is risking their own life.


Christians are gathering in groups forming communes or otherwise finding ways to work together and to help each other. God does not forsake His people. The Holy Spirit is still at work in Israel, Magog, and all countries that have chosen to follow Antichrist.


This time of Tribulation is especially harsh in Israel. In spite of that, many Jews have come to realize that Jesus is indeed the Messiah. Jews are coming to salvation, some of whom are martyred just as other Christians are.


God, in His mercy and grace, allows the Tribulation to continue for several years so that more individuals can be saved.


All of this Tribulation began at the middle of the seven-year period as told to Daniel by the angel Gabriel. Many Christians are martyred, many survive, and Antichrist continues to conquer all that he can. Antichrist is still be opposed by some of the more powerful nations, but he continues to prevail. All of this continues during the second half of the seven-year period.


The Appearance of Jesus is imminent after the abomination that causes desolation, and He will show up before the end of the seven years.


On an unknown day at an unknown time, there is a massive earthquake that shakes the entire planet earth. The sun turns black, the moon turns red, the stars in the sky appear to fall to earth, and the sky appears to recede like a scroll being rolled up, and in the sky.


 Jesus the Messiah suddenly and dramatically appears to all mankind in the roar of the heavens.


These events are happening in the heavens in a way and a time that all persons on earth see and feel them. Christians on the earth are whisked away, those saved before the Tribulation and those saved during the Tribulation, Gentiles and saved Jews alike. This is the Rapture. It happens even as some Christians have begun to have doubts.


Those persons left on earth after the Appearance of Jesus and the Rapture that have not taken the mark of Antichrist can still be saved through the grace and mercy of God and through the sacrifice of Jesus the Messiah. Avoiding the mark is more difficult now than before because of pressure by Satan, but the world sees that Jesus appeared as He promised He would. This weakens Antichrist to a great extent because the world has seen that Jesus is stronger than Antichrist. Antichrist is ready with explanations of what has happened and blame an attack from space aliens or other unlikely conspiracies, but Jesus is prevailing.


This Appearance of Jesus and the Rapture happen before the end of the seven years and before Antichrist has achieved his desire to kill all Christians. The Tribulation has been cut short for those who belong to Jesus.


Immediately after the Rapture, 144,000 Jews are sealed by God to protect them from Antichrist. These Jews experienced the Appearance of Jesus with the rest of the world and immediately realized that Jesus is Messiah and Savior. All 144,000 are saved and follow Jesus.


The Wrath of God


The Appearance of Jesus and the Rapture of the Christians signal that the Wrath of God, the long-awaited ‘Day of the Lord’ has come. Satan and Antichrist double down on those left on earth in the time that is left. Satan’s ages-long hatred of God will not let him rest as long as he believes that he can do damage to the people God loves.


Those countries that were in opposition to Antichrist now follow him. The leaders of these countries are so filled with the obsession of their own power that they believe that together they can defeat God. Christians that had lived in these countries were taken in the Rapture and therefore do not pose any opposition to these leaders.


After the earthquake and the awesome signs in the heavens that preceded the Appearance of Jesus and the Rapture, there is quiet for about a half hour. After the half hour, there is a terrific lightning and thunder storm and another great worldwide earthquake that announces the Wrath of God. God’s Wrath will last until and beyond the end of the seven years. God unleashes six great judgements in the short time left until the end of the seven years.


  • Hail and fire mixed with blood are hurled to the earth, a third of the earth is burned up

  • A huge burning mountain is thrown into the Mediterranean Sea and a third of the fish and animals in the Sea die

  • A blazing torch falls from the sky on a third of the rivers and springs and the water turns deadly

  • A third of the day and a third of the night are turned black without any light

  • An angel falls from the sky and opens the Abyss and releases locusts that have a sting like a scorpion and they are allowed to sting only those who have the mark of Antichrist, and the people are tortured for five months. The angel of the abyss is the king of the locusts.

  • Four angels are released and they in turn release a huge number of Satan’s troops. A third of mankind is now killed.


Three and a half days before the end of the seven years, Antichrist finally manages to kill the two witnesses in Jerusalem. Their bodies lie on the ground and Antichrist’s victory is broadcast live worldwide. Those with the mark begin to believe that Antichrist can actually overcome God. Then, after three and a half days and in the sight of the whole world, the witnesses are raised to life and taken directly into Heaven. Many individuals have been in revolt since the Appearance of Jesus. Now, during the time of God’s Wrath, even more individuals see that God has the upper hand and they seek salvation through Jesus and then join the revolt.


After the resurrection of the witnesses, another great judgment strikes. Another great earthquake strikes and a tenth of Jerusalem collapses killing seven thousand individuals.


This judgment marks the end of the seven years. Righteous Israel is now being established in a single day as prophesied by Isaiah and by Gabriel.


The two witnesses prophesied for their 1,260 days (three and a half years) and have been removed to Heaven. The half population of Jerusalem that escaped into the wilderness have also served their time in exile and are now returning to Israel. Jesus and the 144,000 sealed Jews are in Jerusalem. Both the sealed Jews and those returning from the wilderness have witnessed the Appearance and power of Jesus and have finally recognized that He is the promised Messiah. These Jews have received eternal salvation by putting their faith in Jesus. Many Jews who did not escape when Antichrist invaded Israel have managed to survive without taking Antichrist’s mark and have accepted Jesus as savior. All of these Jews who have put their faith in Jesus now turn their attention to the remainder of the Gentile occupation forces and to the Jews who submitted to Antichrist. These enemies of righteous Israel are now either being killed or being driven out of Israel by Jesus and His forces.


Antichrist is now fighting those individuals in the Gentile world who are revolting against his power. He now realizes that his only hope of regaining his complete control lies in attacking and conquering Israel. He begins to assemble a huge army from countries that are following him, amassing weapons and supplies to form the largest and most technologically equipped army ever assembled. Even if there are doubts on the part of Antichrist’s forces, those who have taken the mark know that this upcoming Battle is the only hope that they have to avoid the eternal damnation proclaimed by God.


While Antichrist is assembling his forces, God continues to plague the Gentile world, with special attention on those who have taken the mark of Antichrist. The plagues include:


  • Festering sores on people with the mark

  • The Mediterranean Sea is turned to blood and every living thing in the sea dies

  • Rivers and springs of water are turned to blood

  • The sun is allowed to scorch the people with great heat

  • Magog is plagued with darkness and the people are in agony from the sores they have received

  • Rivers are dried up and the way is made clear for God’s enemies to travel to the battle that Antichrist is planning.


During the few weeks that these plagues are occurring, Antichrist’s impressive army is being made ready to attack and destroy Israel.


One last plague is released on Antichrist’s army. An earthquake more devastating than any of the previous great earthquakes occurs. Jerusalem is split into three parts and the cities of the nations are leveled. The whole surface of the earth is changed. Huge hailstones fall from the heavens.


Antichrist’s entire attacking force is entirely obliterated in a battle at Armageddon and every last enemy soldier is killed. The entire righteous population of Israel is supernaturally protected with not a single loss of life. Antichrist, Levi the Israeli Official, and their indwelling demons are dispatched to eternal punishment. Satan is now chained and locked away in the Abyss.

The wreckage of war machinery and of war supplies from the battle of Armageddon are now scattered in Israel and dead bodies are lying over the land. It takes more than seven months to bury the dead and the fuel of war is used wherever fuel is needed in Israel for the next seven years.


For a while longer after the great battle, Israel is allowed to attack foes in the nearby nations that have been traditional enemies of Israel and are still opposed to its existence, and many more people are killed. No one who took Antichrist’s mark is still alive anywhere on earth.


Individuals who have not taken the mark and are still on earth are now being brought before Jesus. Jesus separates the individuals who were sympathetic to Jesus and the Jews from those who had no sympathy for Israel, or the Jews, or for other righteous individuals. Those who are considered worthy make up the nations on this newly remodeled earth. Those who are not worthy are sent to eternal punishment.


The newly reformed nations are subservient to Israel and now have the oversight of Jesus. Jews still surviving in foreign nations are transported to Israel. A new Temple is built after the pattern set forth in the Book of Ezekiel, and the land surrounding the Temple is as described in Ezekiel.


Jesus will reign as King for a thousand years. Satan will be set free for a period of time at the end of the thousand years, will find enough enemies of Israel to form an army, and will again attack Jerusalem. Once again, Satan will fail, his army will be destroyed. At this time death will finally be destroyed and God will reign in total righteousness for all eternity.

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